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The first thing I have to say is the anatomy. Most of it is really nice and simple for the emotions! However, I do think that the Movie...


Anything Traditionally Sketched
Send me a Commission if you want me to sketch anything out for ya in traditional!
It's really cheap! ;D
Anything In Traditional Lineart
If you want any traditional lineart Commissions, send them here! :)
Full Traditional Art
Send me a Commission here, if you want a fully done traditional drawing from me.
Such as linework, coloring, background, AND shadings being done.
Digital Art
Click here, if you want anything to be drawn in Digital Art.
This is slightly more expensive, due to how time consuming it is.

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My gallery.

Emotions In Order

:iconinsideoutjoyplz: Joy is the emotion in charge, because I am mostly happy, optimistic, kind, and friendly for the most part.

:iconinsideoutangerplz: Anger is second in command, because I tend to get angered VERY easily. Even if it's just 1 or 2 words that irk me. I have an exceedingly bad temper.

:iconinsideoutsadnessplz: Sadness is third in command, because I tend to get anxious and depressed on a lot of things.

:iconinsideoutfearplz: Fear is fourth in command, because it keeps me from getting in trouble/ being in danger most of the time. It's mostly responsible for my maturity, and self awareness.

:iconinsideoutdisgustplz: Last in command is Disgust. I rarely get disgusted by things. One of the exceptions are food that I dislike/hate.

I Have An Active Q/A Series Here!

Pixel Art ~ Octoman Vetrix by SonicFazbear15 GIVE ME KISSES AND LET ME HUG YOU!!! X333333333

Link here.

God Bless All Of These Compliments From My Friends.

All of them are here.
Inspired by :iconcraigthecrocodile:'s list of compliments.

Just to name a few examples.

AnimalCogitantium Apr, 27, 2016
"Same. (I have Aspergers too.)
I see it in your type how you're articulating and staying objective.
Quite intelligent I have to notice.
The details you're noticing and all this information together is a typical expression of this handicap."

SonicFazbear15 Jul 15, 2016
"Haran Chronicles is a pretty awesome and intriguing series that my best friend Randi-lovesVetrix written. ^^ She had been requesting me a lot of fanart of it for quite some time now, so I thought, why not make a folder? ^^

Go check the series out and read it, it's got very interesting characters and the stories are very well written! And also, go give her, the creator a watch too!~ ;3 Her art is very cute and she's a really nice and sweet person! ~ ^w^ Heart"

troksnains Oct 21, 2016
"I'm not a character designer in the slightest, trust me!
And what in the world are you talking about? I personally enjoy your Haran Chronicles character designs."

Sonicfazbear15 Oct 30, 2016
"Randi is a really awesome friend. Seriously, she's the real deal here. Out of all my friends, she's the closest I have here. We talk pretty much everyday, it's always a pleasure talking to her everyday. Seriously, nowadays, no one really comes and talks to me.. That bores the heck outta me...

That's why I'm so grateful having her around! Her art's very cute, and I can see some improvement too! We both like Undertale and anime, and she got me into some anime, such as YuGiOh Zexal and Madoka Magica.

We can pretty much relate to each other... a lot! XD Oh, and also, she has her own series called Haran Chronicles, which is very interesting and I'm really liking it so far! Go check that out, and most importantly, go check her out!

Sadly, a majority of her watchers are inactive, so she definitely deserves more love. She's really a nice and awesome friend! ~ ;w;"

Imaginative-Light77 Jan 4, 2017
"No no. Stare I honestly love your colored paper sketches!
I can see in some stuff that you can get heavy into detail, which is an admirable skill.
You can do it!"

SonicFazbear15 Jan 6, 2017
"Well, Haran Chronicles only has 7 episodes so far, my favorite, either has to be the 3rd or 7th one :D They were both the most intriguing and funny to read IMO.

Overall, I think it's really well written, plus very interesting, a lot of your stories that have moments that make me keep reading. Even when you throw in Disney references and all that, I laugh out loud! XD"

Queen-of-Fabulous Jan 27, 2017
"It's no problem! You always appreciate my page and I must do the same in return! :) It's seriously nice to talk to someone who has many things in common with me and now, you've became one of my best friends on DA! <33"

Queen-of-Fabulous Jan 27, 2017
"Thank you so much for introducing Randi to the TD community Bruno! <33
I'm glad she is making friends and I hope she can make more! She's a really friendly person!

I felt bad that she can get pretty lonely and I introduced you and some people in the
community who would be nice enough to be friends with Randi! I knew you'd be perfect for the job! XD"



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Other: New Haran Chronicles character.
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Draw Shattered Hearts Genderbends.
Draw some Total Drama fanart.
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This is a tutorial on how to make your OWN Haran Chronicles character/OC. This also applies to Shattered Hearts since both of these series of mine are in the same universe! :)

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about making an OC for HC and SH Including…

  1. What Is Their Name?

  2. What Is Their Race/Species?

  3. Where Do They Live?

  4. How To Choose A Color Scheme

  5. What Are Their Abilities?

  6. OC And Canon

  7. The HC Character Diversity!

  8. Building a BIO/Backstory For Your OC

Please note that this is not for regular OC’s in general, just ones that apply for this particular series/universe. This is for people who are familiar with the HC and or SH series only.
If you were looking for a guide on regular OC’s, then this is not for you! :( 

Now Let’s get started with 1!

           :WHAT IS THEIR NAME?:

So you’re making an OC for HC, but what is their name?

For me, I usually find names from a site called “Meaning Of” other times, I pick out the word “Coral” on Google Translate.

I translate it to Greek. What do I get? Koralli! :D

That’s another method for a character name! :) Most of the time, I have the name make sense to some of the characters personality, quirks, colors, ETC.

There are several races in HC/SH, most of the characters in HC are simply humans with “Supernatural powers”. But what about all of the other races? Which is what we're going to discuss in this section!

  1. Divina: This is more of a rather “Rare” race/species. They are ONLY to be seen in Senshi. Nowhere else. There are only 4 characters who are Divinas. Divinas are mystical beings who are able to possess strong magical powers from their Soul Crest, but they can be a bit easy to kill/fight, because of their weak endurance/health/agility.

Haran Chronicles Mitsuuo Lexiss Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Raphael Lexiss by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles Astrid Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Siegfried Lexiss by Randi-lovesVetrix

2. Maltyris:
Maltryis are humans that are corrupted, and are given dark powers. Its resource "Maltyris Oil" Is all across the world of Raz, and there very easy to find. There quite dangerous and it's common for people to get infected by it. Maltyris HARDLY live anywhere else. Only Raz. UNLESS they hide their Maltyris appearance/identity from everyone and are able to travel somewhere else.

Their abilities are usually taking people's souls, and transforming into a stronger being. Appearance wise, they usually have scales for their skin, but not completely. Like dragon skin. They also tend to have sharp teeth, or simply a sharp tooth at times.

Examples are Shison, Hisoka, and Reiko Alpha. Etsuko is a Maltyris, but only has sharp pointy teeth as a “Differentiated” feature. Haran Chronicles Shison Karayan Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles Hisoka Karayan Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixReiko Alpha by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Etsuko by Randi-lovesVetrix


Pretty much the anthros of the series. They can be just Anthros, or Anthros that can transform into humans, but with animal features to them.

Furllist are furries.

Marinist are seafolk.

And Reptilist are scalies.

Few examples are Saru and Elwood for instance. There’s also Cassius who’s a Marinist.Haran Chronicles OC Saru Kamin by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Elwood by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Cassius by Randi-lovesVetrix

Sugroin: Sugroin's are human-like beings that are made of sugar in their bodies.

A Sugroin's appearance also look young, because there are forever young. When there at the age of 20, there appearance will permanently look like that. Even when they age and are very old.

They are always somewhat skinny or average, this is because there weight always resets every 24 hours. Having the ability to never become overweight. Sugroins are not very intelligent, but they are a very fast species.

Only examples are Staramy and Seibetsu.Staramy Aurusagi Remake (Persona) by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Seibetsu Aurusagi by Randi-lovesVetrix

These are NOT recommended, as these can be Mary Sue-ish as well. Since they are pretty much an extinct species. UNLESS the Sugroin character traveled somewhere else at the time, and that the Alvis did not see that.

Timologist: This is not necessarily a “Race/Species” per say, but more of an organization.

A group of where Time Travelers only exist in the universe, but they are in a different dimension.

Only example is Midori. Haran Chronicles Midori Remake by Randi-lovesVetrix

Like Sugroin, these are NOT recommended either, as they can be quite Mary Sue-ish as well. Because they can travel through time and that they’re SUDDENLY roaming all over the universe. They are secretive and they rarely fight. They don’t have time for relationships either. If you do make one, just make sure to be carefull in how you write them.


Good question, there are 4 available/existing worlds in HC and SH.

  1. Senshi. The world of sincerity and love. The SAFER counterpart of Raz. Ruled by the goddess of light and peace, Mitsuuo. Senshi is an open armed world, as most of it’s culture is Asian based. (Japanese, Chinese, ETC.)

Tengoku is based off of Japan. It’s the country where most of the Senshian characters live, including Mitsuuo’s family.

Nurislam is based off of China. It is Tengoku’s neighboring Country. 

Raz. The world of constant bloodshed and war. The DEADLIER counterpart of Senshi.
Ruled by the goddess of darkness and chaos, Nyx. Raz is mostly based off of European culture. (Greek, Roman, ETC.)

Crimson is somewhat based off of Roman, which is where the majority of the Razian characters live. Including Nyx’s family. It’s often a very no-nonsense place and people are killed when they defy Nyx’s or Hisoka’s orders.

Rafferty, a country located in Raz that is very wealthy, but dangerous as well. 
It is controlled by president Cassius. There are a LOT of Furllist, Scalist, and Marinist living there. Rafferty and Crimson are at an alliance.

Loki. Not necessarily a country, but a homeland. It is based off of the United Kingdom.
It has an army that is filled with assassins.

Ammiras. An incredibly sunny country. It’s not too dangerous like anywhere else in Raz. But it is a harshly strict place. It is HEAVILY based off of Arabia.

Cliantha. A beautiful Razian kingdom that is filled with all kinds of flowers and sweets. Despite Raz being a corrupted world, Cliantha is the only place that isn’t so chaotic. It’s almost as peaceful as Ammiras.

Furllist. Basically a world of where are Furlist and Scalist live. Some of it is based off of Ireland.

Atlantis. An underwater world where mermaid Harans and Marinist hang out.
Usually a very peaceful and relaxing place. But it is a more mysterious then anywhere else in the universe.

Ok, so you figured out a few things on what to do, so what would their colors look like?

What if I used Neon Colors?: Neon Colors are allowed, but please make sure not to go overboard with them. So yes, you are able to use bright colors!

What if I used Dark Colors?: That’s allowed! In fact, some characters usually do have soft and dark colors put into them.

How Many Colors Should I Use?: It actually depends on how you designed the character. If it’s complex, it should be more then 4 colors. If it’s simple, have it at least be 4 or 5 colors of what not.

If you’re talking about how many hair colors you’re allowed to use. It’s at LEAST 3 colors.
Etsuko for example has pink, blue, and white, as hair colors. So yes, streaks are allowed!

That’s fairly simple, Haran’s are capable of doing a LOT of things. To the point where they can control the weather and can let gods help them in battle.

Many people make the mistake of over powering their character. Here are some things that you want to avoid doing…

 Don’t give them the power to bring out stars and such. It’s a bit overpowered, UNLESS they are related to a galaxy/space entity. Give it flaws as well!

    Never say your character is the most powerful Haran ever, and don’t let them always win in battles, It gets annoying quite fast. UNLESS, they are meant to be boastful characters and are just constantly bragging about how they are oh so powerful. They can be strong, but still.

   Don’t make them invincible. It’s extremely Sue-ish.

  Those are the biggies. :0

:OC And Canon:
I know a lot of people like shipping their OCs with canon and some people aren't a fan of that. If you’re going to do a story that involves canon characters and your OC, at least follow these guidelines.

   Don’t make the canon characters out of character. I personally don’t mind if your character is in love with a canon character but at least make it realistic. Maybe your character has a huge crush on said canon character. Trust me, they’re not going to fall in love with them the moment they see them.

They’d have to try to win them over. Earn their trust and respect. But characters don’t magically fall in love with each other, they just don’t.

   Always have the canon character in character. Don’t just bend them to your will. If you follow these rules, you should be all right!

7. There is quite a pattern going on, when it comes to HC character diversity.

Most of the women are long haired, and have a curvy body structure to them.
Haran Chronicles Winda Karayan Remake by Randi-lovesVetrix

Haran Chronicles Carmia Smith Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Mezaith by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Rajani by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Viola by Randi-lovesVetrix

While the males have a slightly skinny body structure, and are mostly good looking just like the women.
Haran Chronicles Jenrid Corvus Remake by Randi-lovesVetrixNew Karayan Family Child  by Randi-lovesVetrixHaran Chronicles OC Arial Tsungami by Randi-lovesVetrix

There are rarely any overweight characters for either gender, so this one’s an opportunity for some creativity! :D Not everyone’s born as a Disney princess/prince just like that! ;)

These are the weapons you can use.








Death Scythes.






And Shurikens/Kunai.

Some characters have a unique weapon. Like a ring blade, a chainsaw, or a whip sword.


I’m not an expert at this stuff, but there is something I would like to address.

It’s ok if your character has a traumatic past, but please make sure not to go overboard with it.

(Someone killed their parents during a war, making the only character to survive, then the foster parents abused them, ETC ETC.)

If your character has a very happy life, please make sure to put a few slips/flaws into the mix.

It’s ok for them to have a normal/decent life as well.

So yeah, have fun and I hoped this helped at least! :D
Tagged by :iconxxpokezillaxx:
:iconxxpokezillaxx:'s questions.

1. Favorite Fandom's?
Only fandoms I'm fond of are the Total Drama, Fire Emblem and Fantasy Life fandoms.

2. Out of all the others Fandom's I did drawings of, which of these only three I do drawings of you love the most? Godzilla, Pokémon, or Sonic the Hedgehog?
Definitely Pokemon. I'm not too familiar with the other 2.

3. Which six Pokémon would you have in your team? (I know some of you already have some...:"p)
Gardevior, Lucario, Froslass, Goodra, Charizard, and Blissey.

4. What do you love/like about me?
I like that you are a fun person to talk to. Even if we rarely talk...

5. Favorite Characters?
Vetrix from Yugioh Zexal, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica, Lon'qu and Zola from Fire Emblem, Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat, Max and Heather from Total Drama, and Chad from :iconbonkilemonster:'s Total Drama Gone Wild series. XD Just to name a few. .3.

6. KaileexKing Caesar or KaileexZor? (I had too....:") )
Kailee X King Caesar.

7. Which of my Sonas you love the most?

8. Besides my Sonas's, which of my OC's youblove the most?
That's hard to say... I'll go with Boo! :)

9. Team Mario or Team Sonic?
Team Mario!

10. If you were in a world that was your favorite, what would it be?
Total Drama! I've always wanted to be part of that world. :D

11. Marvel vs DC
Hard to say... DC!

12. Worst Movie and/or TV you ever watched?
I'll have to say Pickle And Peanut. :p

13. Worst Video Game you ever played?
Sonic And The Secret Rings.

My questions...

1. Favorite Fandoms.

2. Least Favorite Fandoms.

3. Worst Ripoff of an existing product or animated feature?

4. Top 10 Favorite Characters.

5. Any Crushes?

6. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

7. Favorite Video Games?

8. Favorite Art Styles?

9. Any aspect you like about me? :p

10. Who are your favorite OC's of mine?

11. Girly or Gothic?

12. Burgers Or Pizza?

13. Favorite Tv Shows?

I'm not comfortable tagging anyone else...


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Zola supporter (Stamp) by ASliceOfLife ZeXal Tron Stamp by SiriuslyLupine03 Magnificus stamp by staramybackuplegit F2U stamp: Korosensei from Assassination Classroom by Aqua-Spirit22 Canon Rule 63 Stamp by juanito316ss Big Nate Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf Fantasy Life Stamp by PearlStamps Yandere Simulator Stamp by EuropeanWildcat Yandere-Chan - Stamp by Ludimilah - Stamp: Kokona Haruka. - by ChicaTH Dampierre Stamp by CelestialZodiac I Love Pink Hair by Zimmette-Stock Pyrrha Stamp by CelestialZodiac Puella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp 2 by MiloticStarShiny Madoka Stamp by MeepNyan Ultimate Madoka Stamp by Majikaru-Rin Homura Animated Stamp by Colhan3000 Captain Underpants Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 DOAWK stamp by SamBlackSide Code Lyoko Stamp by WildSpiritWolf :Code Lyoko Stamp: Aelita Schaeffer by xHoshiGalaxyx William must be feared STAMP by BelievingIsSeeing Ownage Pranks Stamp by Wynau-ru
:thumb295477650: Stamp - YGO ZeXal by StarriiChan Fire Emblem Stamp by FireMage9081 Octomaid Stamp by Randi-lovesVetrix Strong Bad Stamp by Randi-lovesVetrix Narcian Fan Stamp by Randi-lovesVetrix Etrian Odyssey - Stamp by Dre00iz Project X Zone Stamp by Mintaka-TK C3 stamp by conste11ations STAMP - rule 63 by Imperial-Palace Criminal Minds Stamp by TheBaileyMonster Fire Emblem if/Fates: Azura's Nohr Dance Stamp by Darkie4Eva Fire Emblem if/Fates: Azura's Hoshido Dance Stamp by Darkie4Eva Fire Emblem: Awakening Stamp by Loki-Dokie Donnel Stamp by Adraowen Ricken Stamp by Adraowen Panne Stamp by Adraowen Tharja Stamp by Adraowen Frederick Stamp by Adraowen Nowi Stamp by Adraowen Morgan Stamp by Adraowen Lon'qu Stamp by Adraowen Henry Stamp by Adraowen Supernanny Stamp by RosinAngel camilla charlotte stamp by westfang Arthur Fe:FATES stamp by KH-0 Keaton FE:FATES stamp by KH-0 Setsuna FE:FATES stamp by KH-0 Silas FE:FATES stamp by KH-0 Strong Bad stamp by LuigiandAmyfan Takumi Plop [Fan-Stamp] by DeadPikaGirlYT - Stamp: Senpai and Yandere-chan. - by ChicaTH Dwyer / Deere stamp 3 yukata by KH-0 Black Butler Stamp by Armor-of-Fire black butler ciel phantomhive stamp eyes by Xiahism Drocell stamp by Julesie Disney Stamp by poserfan Aladdin Stamp by SoraRoyals77 The Little Mermaid Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Finding Nemo Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Mulan Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Wreck-It Ralph stamp by TheSharkMaster Loud House stamp by LuigiandAmyfan (Request) Lisa Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Lincoln Loud Stamp by DEEcat98 Ciel x Lizzy Stamp by Skittledeedoo TDI Support Stamp by TheRealTDIBridgette Total Drama Stamp - Ella by 100latino Total Drama Stamp - Jasmine by 100latino Total Drama Stamp - Scarlett by 100latino Max Stamp by ViluVector Total Drama Stamp - Heather by 100latino Shawn Stamp by ViluVector Total Drama Stamp - Dawn by 100latino Total Drama Stamp - Leshawna by 100latino My Harold Fan Stamp. by Rock-Raider
Total Drama Gone Wild Stamp by Randi-lovesVetrix The Angry Beavers Stamp by FelixFan9000 Hero 108 stamp by Bjnix248

Users I Like/Love. Kira Fan Button by FuriousTechnoWolf :iconsonicfazbear15: SonicFezbear15 my best friend. >w<

:iconthenamesjunkie: Rebel Taxi Fan Stamp by SAD-z TheMysteriousMrEnter Fan Stamp by VampireQueenEffeffia

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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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Feb 20, 2017
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I WIN! o3o
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 9:25 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 9:22 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 8:32 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 7:49 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 5:10 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 3:46 PM
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Sun Feb 19, 2017, 2:55 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 2:38 PM
Sun Feb 19, 2017, 1:37 PM


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